Sunday, April 12, 2009

Finally, a Safe Online Book Retailer

There's about a trillion reasons not to shop at Amazon, I mentioned a few here before (you can search on "amazon" on this blog, if you're unaware). But if you need another reason, here's yet another and an open letter in response.

* * * Here's an article by the LA Times

Out of curiosity, I searched on the names of some gay poets to see if their books still had sales rankings. One search what stood out was my search on C. Dale Young's name. His porny books no longer have sales rankings. I feel very protected now. One of his covers depicts a dude's nipple and when that book arrived at my house I had no idea how to explain it to Gideon.

Anyhow, in that same search if you scroll down a few titles, someone with the name of Dale C. Phillips, author of Young People Fucking (HOTTTT, I know), has a sales ranking (#920,974 at this time). Well, that's probably straight YA fiction and perfectly OK. I ordered a copy to read to Gideon. We're taking part in some program at his preschool that if we read for a certain amount of time each week, he gets a coupon for a free Pizza Hut personal pizza. As a parent, I appreciate how much easier Amazon has made my life.

Oh and if you're a pretty lady hugging a giant penis, your Amazon sales ranking still exists.

At least until somebody pokes out an eye.


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