Sunday, July 25, 2004

"Get your shit for the future."

Just read a hysterical short story by Roderick Maclean called "A Capsule for Future Juniors" in the first issue of bullfight. It's about a goofy, well-to-do family whose members are referred only as "Sr.," "Mrs.," "Jr." and "Jr.-Jr." Each are working on their contribution for a time capsule, a project Sr. considers to be the single most important legacy they will leave for future generations.

An excerpt:

Sr. stiffened. "You were highly medicated. And visibly stricken. You saw every specialist in the field of psychology and they threw up their hands. You became a babbling disgrace, who, in you more lucid moments, confused your family members with the cast of Dallas.

"You took Gax-X."

"Enough! Everything you've written I'll systematically discredit. And with your remedial compositional techniques, they'll see right through you."

"I mentioned you'd say that. On page two."


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