Sunday, November 21, 2004


How does such a cranky girl have so many folks be so kind to her? Meanness really does pay. Free books, party invites, people wishing we could hang in "play group" together. I've never been more popular.

I'll announce the baby name this evening. One of you have correctly guessed the MIDDLE name -- that person will be receiving a prize.

My dad is downstairs yelling at the TV. I should probably see what the Stillers are up to. When we were little he'd pretend to kick our asses everytime the Steelers lost a game. You know, pick us up, fake body slam us, etc. It was tons of fun. TB and I would hope they'd lose so we could beg "Beat us up, Daddy!" Let me be clear, this isn't some childhood recovered flashback of abuse, he didn't really kick our asses. But one time TB's new glasses were busted in the fracas. When she went to school the next day her teacher asked what happened to them. TB replied "My daddy broke them while beating me up after the Steeler's lost." The teacher appeared concerned. But not concerned enough to investigate. I'm not passing judgement on the teacher, it was Pittsburgh, early 80's, and the dream of "one for the thumb" was crumbling.

If they lose today, Chris is going to have to be my stand-in. I'm bruised enough right now.


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