Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Blog Rob

Hmm, so many blogs being left unattended while poets whoop it up in Vancouver.

It's not like I'm bitter. Why would I be? While everyone is dozing through panels trying to hide their hangovers, I'll be home, spending my afternoons in barf covered jammies, living the dream.

Besides, I'm much too fat to squeeze into my thieving black cat suit. (Hmm, wasn't that the suit she wore 9 months pregnant?)

My dad always said "there's nothing worse than a thief."

Yep. Nothing worse.

I wonder who forgot to lock their blog doors before leaving the country? Maybe I'll jiggle a few knobs, just to see.


At 9:47 AM, Anonymous JulieB said...

Well, I could wear the catsuit at 9 months pregnant, but my big belly itches too much to be covered all of the time. But I am with you on wishing for Vancouver--barely waddling around my house, exahusted and yes, discovering my breasts in leaking mode. Second time is a charm I suppose. It is a wonderful life. Actually it is, in its own surreal way. But damn I love Vancouver--it is where Mark and I honeymooned and then re-honeymooned 5 years later. This year marks 10 of marriage and we were supposed to go back, but obviously the lumbering pysiche (my God I cannot even spell now) prevents it. I certainly will miss the Benny bunch, and catching up with the fabulous Reb of course.


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