Sunday, March 27, 2005

Funni Bunni

I have to find all of our tax documentation today so Chris can drop it off with our accountant. I haven't been very organized this past year. I hope I can find everything.

Later today we're going to Tender Button's new apartment. She's a fat cat lawyer now and recently upgraded from 250 square feet to something over 500. She's also the owner of a new dining room table from Pier One. I'm glad someone is enjoying the good life. She's making ribs. We don't normally celebrate Easter, if you couldn't tell, and we definitely don't eat ham. Except when I'm a guest and someone serves it to me and I suppose technically I'm TB's guest, but she's my sister and I'd say something but I don't have to say anything because she doesn't eat ham either. Two years ago there was a family reunion on Easter involving our Jewish side and I thought "great, now I won't have to suffer that henious Easter food" but you know what? Passover food is worse. They don't use yeast, the bread was disgusting and so were the desserts, if you could call them desserts. Also, some distant relative who never met us before didn't grasp that TB and I were sisters and assumed we were lovers. Christ. Jesus Christ.


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