Saturday, September 17, 2005

from Sag Harbor, NY

I'm blogging from the lobby of my motel in Sag Harbor. Chris' cousin is getting married on the beach in the Hamptons this afternoon. Can't even begin to tell you the stress of finding an outfit for this event. Tender Buttons came to the rescue and helped me put something together. To repay her kindness I loaned her Gideon for the weekend. I figure that will be enough for a cease and desist on the "when are you going to have a second baby?"

Yesterday's panel went pretty well -- although the whole reason I posted those "reasons to blog" was so that my blood lust for Bono would not be top level. See, I assumed there'd be a computer and an overhead, but there wasn't. Thanks to everyone who added suggestions in the comment fields. I'll be back at the festival on Wednesday for another noon/lunch panel on local literary magazines.

Oh and my "cute" acccent is a Pittsburgh accent -- everyone there sounds like me. It's adorable!


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