Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Life of an Industry Expert (stop snickering!)

This weekend I'll be in Richmond, Virginia speaking on two panels at the James River Writers Conference. The first panel's description is:

"Songs of Myself – How do you become a poet? Are poets born or made? What constitutes a typical day for a poet? Poets Lorraine Graham, Reb Livingston, Jon Pineda, and Ron Smith will discuss the inspirations, aspirations, and frustrations of the craft. Moderated by Cheryl Pallant"

If you attend that panel, you'll learn all my poet secrets, such as, how one gets her spouse to agree to support her fat ass while she spends her days skipping through the forest, deep in contemplation. That's right, I contemplate while I skip.

Hmm, maybe I should start my own private seminars. Want to disappoint your parents? Instantly turn off chicks? Become A Poet! Learn How For Just the LOW LOW Price of $199!

The second panel will be the literary blogging panel I do with Ron from Beatrice and Wendi from Happy Booker (although unfortunately this panel will be sans Wendi). This panel's other twist is that it will be moderated by Caroline Kettlewell from Hinterlands.

Later this evening I'll re-post the "reasons writers blog" with some of the feedback from the comments. Just in case they'll actually show our blogs during the panel.


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