Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thanks to everyone for the flea remedies.

Yesterday I found myself speaking like Yoda: "Chocolate chip, do you have?"

Creepy. I have no idea why. Maybe from flea exposure.

And I'm waiting to hear back from the repairman if my furnace part is in yet. I didn't have a whole lot of confidence yesterday when I called and discovered he didn't have the entire model number of my furnace (it's been a week and they've been to the house twice!). I was pretty angry on the phone and now I'm wondering if I have the play "my husband wants to speak to you" card. I'm not fond of that card, but when pushed into a (freezing) corner. Chris can be more unpleasant than me, if you can believe it.

Moving on . . . Gideon's daycare provider gave him a toy yesterday. Occasionally she gives him one he's extra fond of from her stash, but yesterday's toy, a brand new guitar with 50 buttons of annoying, loud, brain-splitting sounds -- I know why she gave that to him. Cause he picks the most annoying sound and plays it over and over and over again, for hours sometimes. So imagine my pleasure when that was the toy he picked to bring over to her house this morning. We can all suffer that together.

That's right, if you give Gideon a loud gift or a messy gift, he'll be bringing it to your house to play with -- we'll make a special appointment if need be. Thank you for your generosity -- and guess what . . .

generosity we have, with you to share. At you, right back.

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At 3:08 PM, Blogger Radish King said...

Rethinking that Rebeccamas drum set.


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