Sunday, February 15, 2009

Aside from some minor drama I momentarily stirred up (and in the big scheme doesn't really matter) and my lost voice and the fact that Hilton nickel and dimed us on everything yet provided little for it and all the usual complaints, this was a decent AWP. For the most part, people were pretty cool. Well, the woman who cut in front of me in the tarot reading queue at the Effing table after I specifically told her that I was just walking four feet away to say hello to a friend, she wasn't very cool. I'm not going to dwell on the small stuff. Perfection is perversion, ya know.

I mentioned that there were too many things happening -- and there were. I told several thousand people that sorry, I will not be making their reading/panel. Several thousand of my closest friends.

My favorite events were the El Lit on Friday night where 80 people got on the El Train and aha, spontaneous-feeling poetry reading and of course the Coconut MILK reading last night because all the readers were both wonderful and considerate: nobody went over their 8 minutes, in fact, most stuck to under 5. When you have a thousand readers, that's critical.

I took a picture of a piece of art I saw on this trip that sums up AWP in general. I'll post it tonight after I get home.


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