Friday, February 06, 2009


Decomposition (or spoilage) refers to the process by which tissues of dead organisms break down into simpler forms of matter. Such a breakdown of dead organisms is essential for new growth and development of living organisms because it recycles the finite chemical constituents and frees up the limited physical space in the biome. Bodies of living organisms begin to decompose shortly after death. It is a cascade of processes that go through distinct phases. It may be categorized in two stages by the types of end products. The first stage is limited to the production of vapors. The second stage is characterized by the formation of liquid materials; flesh or plant matter begin to decompose.

Two dreams last night:

I'm on a building roof in a city. A man and I are getting rid of a bunch of dead bodies that were accumulating over the year. We hook some of the corpses to a zip cord and push them off. Some of the corpses are already liquified. These we pours down the side of the building. We might be splashing people. Folks below are screaming.

* * *

I'm planning on attending a leg waxing convention for a free waxing. The best leg waxers will be there. This is good because both of my legs are dry and scaly, in fact, one turned black.


Sounds morbid, sure. But these are good dreams. Don't feel bad for the folks getting splashed with the liquid corpse, I bet these are the parts of myself that are either resisting or aren't doing anything to help growth and development. Let them stew in their corpse juice.


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