Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Let Me Help You Radically Makeover Your Poems

If you're in the DC area and considering taking a poem-writing class, but don't want to take one of those boring, normal poem-writing classes, those things called "workshops," maybe you should sign-up for my poem-writing class at the Writer's Center:

Kooky Creations and Radical Revision

Description: This workshop focuses on non-traditional, unorthodox ways to create and edit poems such as “inspired” translations, collage and alchemical revising. Exercises are designed to push students out of their writing comfort zones in attempt to generate different types of works than they’re used to writing. We will also apply radical makeovers to existing poems in the hope to transform them into something completely new. 6 sessions.

Part of this class description was cut by the Writing Center for space purposes. That part read: "This class is for the poet who finds him/herself in a writing rut and is ready for a dramatic change in process and result. Not recommend for the adventure-queasy or for poets perfectly satisfied with their current writing style."

Now, I never taught a writing class before -- which I believe makes me infinitely more qualified than any other teacher. I'll keep the poem writing real. I don't live in a classroom, I live in a house, cluttered with toys and I buy my food at the grocery store.

You can interrogate me about this class on Saturday at 1:00 at the Open House. The Open House runs from noon until 3 p.m.


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