Monday, December 13, 2004

Gonna Practice My Stabbing

This weekend Chris and I tried to get a bunch of stuff around the house accomplished. I was going to write about how much Amazon sucks because I spent an hour filling my shopping bag with items that were marked to ship with 24 hours so they'd all arrive in plenty of time before Christmas. It was a huge order. It was almost half of my shopping for the holiday. When I tried to complete the order, it said everything (except for two items), would arrive mid-to end of January. I went back through my order and checked to make sure I didn't accidently select something with a 4-6 week delivery. I didn't. So I had to cancel my order, go to three different places online and got about half of the stuff I wanted. BTW, that was Saturday night -- all three places have already shipped my order. I talked to both TB and my mother-in-law and they had the same problem with Amazon. But now I have to go out and do the rest of this shopping at the store which at 8 months pregnant is a huge deal. I get tired really easily, I'm very clumsy and it takes all of my self-control not to freak on somebody's ass if they bump into me.

But that's not what is really pissing me off. About 30 minutes ago I looked up at the ceiling right above the sofa where I've been sitting and working on my computer. Do you know what's up there? A big water bubble and stain. That's right. In the same place where the pipe broke a couple months ago. But now the room has been renovated, new paint, new wall board on the ceiling, new floors, new furniture. I don't think it's from our shower that he fixed on Saturday. It's possible the water is coming from the new sink/vanity in our bedroom that Chris half-installed this weekend (we have new carpet being put in on Thursday and it has to be ready by then). Actually, that would be the best case scenerio because if it's another broken pipe, shit, we're fucked.

I went downstairs and shut off the water, called Chris and he's on his way home to check it out. It's not like he has all day to work on it. He has to catch a plane this evening to North Carolina for business. I wish I would have noticed sooner. I don't spend a lot of time looking at the ceiling.

I really really wish we would have paid for professionals to do all of this work. I always suggest to Chris that we go that route and more times than not he over rules me and cheerfully volunteers to do it. I know he doesn't enjoy the work, he procrastinates, complains the entire time, always manages to hurt his back, his knees. It always takes 3-4 times longer than he estimates. So why can't we just pay someone else to do it? Yes, it's costs more, but a professional would work so much faster and better, they do this stuff all the time. OK, three months ago we did decide to try to do as much of this work ourselves to save money. We were drunk on baby joy. Our logic was impaired. We were not capable of making sane rational choices. Somebody should have put us in the institution and hired contractors.

At this point, so close to Christmas and baby arrival -- isn't paying a professional worth it? What are we proving by doing this stuff ourselves?


At 4:11 PM, Blogger Stuart Greenhouse said...

Unfortunately, Rebecca, too often those professionals suck pretty bad. My dad (a college prof. & amateur carpenter etc.) has been helping us repair/finish all the stuff a professional contractor (a very professional & reputable one too, though I have no idea why his rep. is anything but awful) screwed up--doors bending off hinges, paint peeling, holes-in-floor-where-molding-should-be, and other stuff. If you can find someone really good, great; but in my experience, unfortunately, the people happiest with their home's integrity are those who have put in their lumps and learned to do it themselves over time.

Not that the ^idea^ of a professional isn't comforting, and I'm sure many are competent!

At 4:25 PM, Blogger Reb said...

Stuart, it appears that you're probably correct. There doesn't seem to be any leaking from the vanity area and the leak is in the same exact place where the plumber fixed the pipe two months ago. They're coming tomorrow morning -- which means a big hole in the newly repaired and painted ceiliing. I have no idea if we'll be able to patch this by Christmas. I might just hang a wreath or mistletoe from the exposed pipes -- experiment with the "open beam" style in that part of the room.

Good luck with your repairs. Dirty professional contractor pig fuckers.

At 4:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) I'm vindicated
2) I'm supported, Stuart, would you like to get married?
3) none of this is particularly 'hard' its just a little time consuming.

Contrary to popular belief I actually do enjoy a large portion of the home-work. I doubt there is anything more enjoyable than ripping into the floor or wall with a power tool. The 'problem' often is that the 100+lb piece of cabinetry/counter-top/furniture isn't moved anymore quickly/easily with -5lbs of help than all by my lonesome.

Anyway, this particular problem does not seem to be of my doing, so we'll see where it leads us, eh? I do like drywall work, though it's tedious and dirty, and I do like plumbing work, though it can be stinky (but you do get to use a torch, which is quite fun!) as well. About the only thing I do NOT like (aside from wallowing in cat urine soaked carpet/padding) is floor-tile work... nothing ruins the upcoming week like 8 hours on your hands and knees :(

-disgruntled house-husband

At 7:59 PM, Blogger randatola said...

Yet another reason why I will never get married.

At 3:13 AM, Blogger Reb said...

Tell me about it. 8 months pregnant and husband proposes to the first guy who agrees with him! Don't do it, Randall. It could happen to you too.

At 7:22 AM, Blogger Abulsme said...

I'm all about the hire people to do it thing. But Brandy really likes the whole do-it-yourself concept. She plans on redoing about half of the new house we are buying if it goes through successfully. Which will be OK. Gulp! :-)

At 11:44 AM, Blogger Stuart Greenhouse said...

Well, I'm flatttered, but one marriage at a time is enough for me. Good luck.

I remembered this morning (cooking breakfast while Jonah took a bath) one more gem our contractor left us--when he installed the new hot water heater, he ran it ^serially^ (as opposed to parallel) with the stove and the furnace; so now, if anyone takes a bath, I get maybe 1/3rd gas pressure at the stove while the water heater does its thing. Brilliant, eh?


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