Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Three Things

1. No Tell Motel and my main site may be down for a few hours Wednesday morning. There's another "scheduled" electrical outage. My e-mail will be down during that time too.

2. All of the gifts I ordered online from vendors other than Amazon (who couldn't promise them before January) arrived on Tuesday. These other places offered either free shipping or free upgraded shipping AND gave me free samples (one gave a particularly nice "sample"). Amazon has become a sad shell of its once great self.

3. The participants of the latest Vs. debate have been notifed of the winner. It'll be up on the site in a few days, so I won't spoil the news here, but suffice it to say my Red Lobster gift certificate ambitions have alluded me again. Congrats to the winner.

I think my poem wil be taken down in the next few days, so here's your last chance to read it.


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