Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Public Plea

To the one hold-out No Tell Motel poet who hasn't sent us his bio and "about the poems" -- please get it to me soon. I'm trying to finish scheduling the journal through most of March BEFORE the arrival of my new big concern. You know who you are! I'll send you another reminder tomorrow and then I'll write your bio for you. It will be embarassing. Everyone will laugh. It might make you cry. Don't toy with the fat lady. Don't be her first "commando parenting" example.


As for those of you waiting for a response to your submissions sent in December or January, we're still considering them and will be making our decisions soon. There was a crush of subs right before our reading period ended and then Molly left the country to get her "cure" and well, we're moving a little slower in 2005.


At 12:09 PM, Blogger Matthew said...

Oh. I shouldn't have fallen behind in my blog reading. I never would have needed a reminder.


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