Friday, February 04, 2005

Water Broke

No, I'm not talking about that. Rest assured, when that happens I won't be rushing to my laptop to blog about it, despite what certain members of my family may think. What I mean is that we have yet another plumbing issue. Why not? We haven't had any water-related problems for two weeks. At 2 a.m. I noticed a bunch of water underneath our kitchen sink. I called Chris who was upstairs hanging up the new shower curtain in baby's bathroom. He said the pipe seals were screwed up and tried to tape them, then after the water stopped coming out of the faucet and a break-down in communication between him under the sink and me reporting what was happening above it, he decided that tomorrow he'll just repipe it.

The curse of the aquarius continues.

I didn't write my thieving blog poem on Thursday. I slept in, read some e-mail, ate a banana, did a load of laundry and took a long nap. At 5 p.m. Fed Ex arrived with a package from my friend Alisa in Oregon. Alisa is someone I hung out with a lot as an undergrad (we were frat bimbos/lushes) and while I haven't seen her in probably seven years, we keep in e-mail contact and the occasional phone call. She's very busy raising her toddler daughter and managing her husband's career (he's a comic book artist, something I don't know much about but apparently he's very good, TB said they dropped his name on a recent episode of The O.C.). Despite having so much going on in her life, she was the first one to send a gift for the baby -- beating even the zealous grandparents to the punch. I told her in September that I was pregnant and two days later the high chair and a bunch of other items off my registry where on my doorstep. Today I received enough baby clothing (among other things) from her to cloth Gideon for the first year of his life. A lot of it fancy boutiquey stuff. I pulled all the stuff out of the box and stared at it, totally bewildered. There was more clothing in that box than I received in total from any one shower -- more than I've purchased. Just ask Tender Buttons, she'll tell you we have lots of stuff. Who knows, maybe he'll have non-stop explosive diarrhea and will need 6-8 outfit changes a day. Oh, to be that lucky.

Again, this outpouring of thoughtfulness and generosity from so many people, overwhelms me. In addition to family and friends who have all been wonderful -- people I don't know particularly well (or don't know at all) sending gifts, e-mails, leaving comments on this blog . . . talk about "feeling the love" -- I feel it!

But dear bloggers, don't fall into a lull of false security and think your blogs are safe. It's 4 a.m., the world's most spoiled not-yet-born little boy has a serious case of ants in the pants, I'm wide awake and my mood has a tendency to swing wildly as of late. I could turn on all of you -- in a snap.


At 12:05 PM, Blogger Paul said...

If it's Brian Michael Bendis she's married to, he's a writer. And is very good.

At 12:39 PM, Blogger Reb said...

Yeah, that's him. In fact, when she first started dating him (before he was successful and in ton of debts) I remember saying something along the lines of "so when is he going to get a real job?" to her. You'd think I, of all people, would have understood. But I guess I'm kind of an asshole sometimes. :)

At 10:48 AM, Blogger Paul said...

Haha. Oops.


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