Saturday, October 11, 2008

Letter to Sam

This morning we went to a train and toy show at the Monroeville ExpoMart. I never took you to the ExpoMart either. Did you know the ExpoMart is closing? They're building a new one where the Wicks Furniture used to be.

Once I wrote a poem that ended with the lines:

I followed the sound,
the trail of steam.
“Choo choo, you useless slut” cracked the train.
I ate bread crumbs from the ground.
“Choo choo, you’ll never survive on your own.”
I found home,
never realizing the tracks were so close.
“Choo choo, go back to your husband.”
I hope you derail and all your passengers die! I cried.

I wasn't thinking of you when I wrote that poem. If I had been, it would have been a very different poem. I'm thinking of you now, but am not writing poems. Do you understand?


At 2:19 PM, Blogger Abulsme said...

I understand very little.

I get confused that way.


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